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You should try to choose the costumes and shoes in the night.

days ago concern Baoji night run female teachers were killed, suspects have been arrested. Women's night running safety has become the focus of many netizens are discussed, including some people think girls should not go out alone at night walk "," wear too little trouble inevitably "argument. China economic network life channel believes that although criminals are the only responsible person in this case, for any athlete who loves sports and life, a lot of skills to protect himself can always reduce unnecessary trouble. So here is a special summary of some running suggestions for you:

recommendation 1: try to run
in the morning
is not the best exercise in the morning, but it is the easiest time to exercise in the morning for those who do not have a fixed exercise time. Running in the morning can also form a good habit of getting up and getting better sleep. Compared with the night running, even though the morning running on the moon and running out, the safety is more secure: an idle crowd usually stays up late, but rarely gets up early. Two, though dark, the sky will gradually brighten, even if committing a crime, there will be some scruples.

recommendation two: if the night run chooses a familiar line to go together,
After all,
exercise is safety first. If physical safety is affected, the benefits of exercise are meaningless. If the night runs, try not to choose less people, less light, and wooded roads, which are more conducive to criminals to commit crimes. It is better to choose sections with relatively more people, good light and open field of vision. If you can run with two or three partners, the chances of a danger will be greatly reduced.

recommendation three: follow the traffic rule road to the reverse

according to the second suggestion, the park and other places are very unsuitable for the night running, so the road is probably the main battleground of the night run. In health, if the air is not good, road running is not suitable, but at night, if the vehicle is less, then the road is also very suitable for running.
When the
road is running, we should pay attention to the traffic rules and can't break the red light. If necessary, it must slow down and slow down. Most importantly, if you go on a road, it's better to run in retrograde, so that you can better see most of the vehicles that are passing you.

night road running should also wear bright, eye - catching, reflective and even luminous clothing so that other traffic bodies can easily identify and avoid you.

road running has no rear view, so hearing is also important for runners. So try not to wear earphones. If you take your belt, try to turn down the volume and use earphones that can hear the outside voice.

recommendation four: don't carry valuables without holding

does not have to carry too much to carry, with a little change. Mobile phones are now an important device for many runners, remember that if they are high - grade mobile phones, do not expose them and put them in their pockets.

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